Using 123-reg with HostingByDavid

I normally recomend 123-reg for domain registrations because they seem to be reliably cheap and provide a lot of services for the money. Actually, you’ll not end up using many of those services if you use HostingByDavid for the web and email hosting – but it’s good to know they are there.

To register a domain with 123-reg

Head on over to 123-reg for some great value.

To use 123-reg to point your domain towards HostingByDavid servers

  1. First, log in to your 123-reg Control Panel.
  2. Select the domain and click the  Manage button
  3. In Advanced Domain Settings, click Change Nameservers (DNS)
  4. Down at the bottom add the entries:
    Nameserver 1:
    Nameserver 2:
  5. And click Change Nameservers
  6. Then email me when you’ve done it. The changes should take place in 24-48 hours – but are often visible in a couple of hours!