Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress LogoI’ve been working with WordPress for a long time now (since it was a baby!) It has grown to become one of the most popular free bits of software for managing websites. Apparently it powers 20% of the world’s websites!

If you want to use WordPress to manage your website, but you don’t want the hassle of maintaining the security, backups and keeping WordPress up to date, then my Managed WordPress Hosting is the ideal choice for you.

Traditionally, Simple Web Hosting just provided you with space to put the files that make up your website. With my Managed WordPress Hosting, you don’t get that. Here’s what you do get:

  • A WordPress site that can manage your content (the stuff you want to tell and show your visitors)
  • Your site can appear on your domain (e.g.
  • I maintain the updates to the WordPress software and all the plugins (little bits of software that add functionality) and themes (that define the look and feel), keeping them up to date
  • I make sure that everything is backed up nightly (and backups kept daily for a week and weekly for a month and monthly for a year)
  • Initially, I’ll include one free dissaster recovery restoration of your site in each invoiced year.
  • You can have up to 5 mailboxes on your domain included
  • You will have a 200 MB upload quota within WordPress for photos and other media or documents that you include in your pages and posts. This imposition should have the benefit of encouraging you to optimize your images before uploading them to your site. The limit is set because eventually there will be 24 backups of your site retained (eh?). As you can imagine 24 copies of many large sites will quickly cost a great deal in off site storage for me! We’ll run with 200MB for now and see if it is a practical limit.
  • Any additional plugins and themes that you wish to use will have to be installed by me and I retain the right to refuse installation if I think they are likely to degrade the performance of your site (or other sites). Of course, if I’ve designed your website, then I’ll have sorted that out already!

Transfering a site in to Managed WordPress Hosting

If you already have a WordPress site, then there are a couple of ways that we could manage the transfer in to my Managed WordPress Hosting

  1. For a fee of £35 (which might change in the future as I find out how hard/easy that is to do). You do some work and I do some work and we get the job done between us. Have a look at my migration process which includes some of the jobs you might have to do.
  2. Alternatively – for £50 (plus travel if it’s outside of Bristol) I could visit you and we will work on your computer together to make sure all the email bits and bobs get migrated across smoothly.

All these features, peace of mind, and probably more, for just:

£120 per year

As this is a new product for me, I will probably refine the offering and description as we go along.

Services that might need additional purchases

If you need to exceed the limits that I have set above for any of the services, that will incur an additional charge:

  • Additional mailboxes: £15 set up fee
  • Restorations of a backup: £50 per occasion
  • Additional space in your upload quota: £10 per 100MB extra per year