WordPress Backup, Security and Update Service

Hi Folks,

For my clients who use WordPress, I’m offering a “Backup, Security and Updates” service. The web seems to be becoming an increasingly hostile place and therefore web security and the ability to recover after disaster become more and more important. In the last year we have seen a massive attack on WordPress sites worldwide.

My WordPress Backup, Security and Update Service

I’m going to use my time, some WordPress plugins that I have paid for and other services to provide increased security as a preventative, prompt updates to keep the software current and a backup system should the worst happen.

Increased Security

There are things that we can do, as a one off, to harden up the security of a WordPress installation. There are also additional bits of software (plugins) that can be used to provide a lot more security, diagnostics and reports.

Prompt Updates

The majority of all WordPress hacks happen because something is out of date!

Benjamin Bradley – “The Professor” from WebDesign.com

I’ll be regularly updating the WordPress core and all your plugins and themes. Whenever a security flaw is found in WordPress or reputable plugins and themes, the plugin or theme authors will release an update that fixes it. Keeping things up to date means that your website will be protected soon after flaws are detected.

Regular Backups

Backing up your website is a no-brainer! Recovering a website after a disaster will be a real headache if not impossible without recent a backup. I use I’ll be doing nightly backups of your website and retaining them according to a sensible schedule

Reduced rate for disaster recovery

I will give you 20% off my usual hourly rate if you choose to employ me to recover your website after you’ve encountered a problem.

The Price Tag

In addition to your annual hosting cost, my WordPress Backup, Security and Update Service costs £180 per year.

Please get in touch if you are one of my Website Hosting clients using WordPress and you’d like to talk about this service.